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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hey Thief, return our truck you stole

Yes, my husbands 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck was stolen from out in front of our house between the hours of 12 am and 5:45 am. Go figure. DH woke up this morning to feed the dogs and looked outside to see the moons reflection in his trucks window. No truck! Stolen in the wee hours of the night. Frick.

I hate being violated like this. Husband said it has not sunk in yet. He made a police report already, called to report it to the insurance and has since called family.

The police officer (very nice btw) said to get THE CLUB.

DH also told the doggies "Guard Dogs" that they are fired because they did not alert us last night to the truck leaving. The truck is a diesel and is loud, but we sleep hard and did not hear a thing just like the dogs.

Ugh. $500 deductible.
Rental car
Holy Shit.

APB on a silver king cab Dodge Ram 2500.


petunia said...

I opened my eyes so wide when i read this one of my contacts popped out.....you live on a BUSY street!!!
I lived on a semi busy street at someone stole our tires and wheels and left our car up on blocks....that's funny in the middle of the night....Was there glass on the ground? how did no one see it? How did no one see someone break into your truck? Did neighbors hear anything? I'm sorry....waht a hassle!

Kathy said...

That's awful. When I was still in high school, my mom and I had our car stolen right off (popular supermarket chain's) parking lot at 2pm. You think someone would have noticed two teenagers breaking into town car.

Ellen K. said...

That sucks! It's such a hassle and a personal violation. We live in south city STL and although we have a garage for our own use, I am always worried that a friend's or relative's car will be stolen while visiting us. I hope you get your truck back in good condition. Likely the jerks who stole it are just out joyriding.

Beagle said...

Well, that's just not right!

I hope they track it down.