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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

thank you so much ladies and gents... prayers are powerful

I do believe they work and that is why I ask for them, or even the + vibes for healing if you are not the praying kind. My nephew is about the same as last night and did get a good night sleep without vomiting. An Immune Disease specialist has been called in from another top ranking childrens hospital to go over "S" case. They can't seem to get a grip on what is happening and need to get some extra specialites in there to look him over soon. Glad they are being so proactive.

Meantime we go on with life. I checked on "S's" two sisters and they are ok. I offered my company at home and they were fine without it. LOL... I am only 5 minutes away so they know to call ASAP if mom is at the hospital seeing S.

oh the Home front... DH and I are proud parents to 5 baby guppies. Yes, I am back into breading guppies for enjoyable pleasure so if you want any baby guppies in about 3 weeks let me know. FREE to a good home. I won't know their genders until 3 weeks maybe a few more longer. I love helping bring things to life. Love celebrating too.

That brings me to the quiet times with the agencies, no word from either on. Lets get the party on with our profiles out there. I like seeing some action. We welcome it.

Ok, off for a few winks then to work and a funeral home for a contract worker in my department. What an amazing man. 74, sadly died of a heart attack, but was doing his love, boating on the lake with his family. So crazy. Long lived life, yet shocking he had a heartattack after being so strict on his diet and all for years.

Going to dream a good dream or two before I have to head out into that heat tomorrow. If you work in the heat, I pray for you to seek comfort of the AC once in a while.

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