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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Oh the innocent days of way back when

My Aunt (paternal) emailed me today with two pictures of when I was much much younger. I was sitting on the floor at (I think) my grandma's house holding and petting my Aunt's dog Missy. Oh Missy was funny. She loved to play and she also wore diapers. Yes, She was not spayed so she would go into heat and my Aunt would diaper her with real baby diapers (just a tail hole cut out) and would change them when needed. See, female dogs bleed when in heat, unlike humans bleed a menstrual cycle at the beginning of their cycle (not fertile yet). So here is the picture. I hope it turns out big enough to see it. If not, post and let me know.

Don'tcha like that funky 70's furniture? Nice Brown tweed couch and nice end / coffee tables too. And check out that children's rocker. I loved that rocker.

OMG.. I am going to have to go out to my Aunts house this winter and sit and scan all her photos of me as a youngster. I love these. They bring back so many innocent memories of my childhood. Ahhhhhh so fun.

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twolinesonastick said...

So cute! (I mean both you and the dog, LOL)