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Friday, March 03, 2006

peek again if you wish....

next step of the NURSERY


Today I booked our In Home Home study for a week from tomorrow. FUN. Now I have to REALLY clean house. LOL

My only insecurity of this home study visit in house is having dogs! Can anyone calm my worried that the social worker will NOT mark us down as NOT being eligible for adopting if we have dogs in this house?

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So Jaded said...

Nope. I have three cats and it wasn't an issue whatsoever.

I was told that some birth moms actually like couples more that have dogs. Maybe the dog reminds them of their own dog when growing up.

The downside being that maybe they are scared of dogs and don't want dogs around their baby.

You just cannot win- pet or no pet.

But no, as long as the house is clean and free of that doggie smell, you'll be just fine.