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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

so the main point of my story is....

Trying to address the Frozen embryo issue with DH is like a ticking time bomb. He says I am obsessed with this one frozen embryo we have. He said I need to "Forget" about it. I was livid. I will not NOT NOT forget about our embie in the freezer and WILL NEVER forget about it. NEVER. I agreed that I will not focus on it all the time, but I will not leave the idea of surrogacy alone. Why surrogacy? Well I am going to have to have a hysterectomy because I have been bleeding for 21 straight days now. It is obvious to me that "I" can't do any more fertility treatments and I have to learn how to grieve that loss in my own way, but to tell me I need to FORGET about our embie, no way. He said to at least stop talking about it every other day. I told him I have not talked about it in about 4 weeks due to the bleeding issues. He then agreed I was right. MEN... MEN.. MEN.


Ok, back to the focus on the adoption front. I am going to the library this next week to loan out some books on adoption and the baby's first year. Any suggestions on the baby's first year books?

btw, look at What dh did in the nursery tonight.. decals on fan and this view

I also scored this on craigslist


So Jaded said...

Where do you now stand on a timeline for the adoption? How long is your file active with the agency after the homestudy? What happens now?

I am very excited for you!

At the rate we're going, your adoption may be completed before ours!!

Bekki said...

My favorite baby book...The Baby Book by Dr Sears! Love it!