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Monday, February 27, 2006

Take a peek

from this

to this so far

I will post more later this week of the border and curtains.

These colors coordinagte with the crib pattern we both wanted 3 years ago when we were pregnant with twins. The pattern was discontinued and we had to buy it off ebay, but it is what we both wanted in colors and we can't wait to go pick up the furniture from family friends(this is a crib and dresser my sister is passing down to us that friends have for now).

I know, seems we are jumping fast at decorating a nursery, but believe me, it is a focus we both have right now and after so much heartache over the last few years, we finally have a POSITIVE focus on things.

I got my fingerprints done so I am mailing them off with Dh's prints to the state tomorrow with our 28.00 fees to go with them. I sure hope they go quick. How long does it take when you mail them out?

costs so far: 300-application, 1500-contract, 500-fist part of home study, 90-profile prints, 40-profile software, 7-profile folders, 28-fingerprints to state, 3&4 bucks for fingerprint processing, around 90 for crib/nursery things, 120 for paint/fan/etc nursery, I know there is more, like adoptive families mag(24 bucks?), birth certificates-24 bucks or so, marriage lic-12 bucks. I will make a spreadsheet tomorrow of our costs. I want to track these things. LOL

I have to call for a doc appointment for my physical.

I am so lucky to have so many things to look forward to.

AF (cycle day 5) was very very mean to me so much so that I stayed home today. I could not leave the bathroom for 20 minutes throughout the day. I so stood in the bathroom mirror this AM and cried my eyes out over contemplating setting up a hysterectomy. I hate it. BUT thank goodness I have such other positive things to look forward to. Like our support group meeting coming up. My book club book. Etc..

I won't let AF defeat me!


Tempe said...

Those colors look fantastic. I love how they make the floor glow.

Mich said...

How exciting! I love the color!!! Oh, and definitely keep track/receipts for all expenses that can be deducted on your taxes--the tax credit is AWESOME. Unfortunately, nursery prep isn't included. But that's a lot more satisfying then paying for fingerprints and what not.

Keep the pics coming!

averyjenn said...

Hey Bec, that's a NURSERY you're decorating. WOW. A nursery for a real live baby you WILL bring home!!! What a fantastic feeling that must be! I'm so happy for you! Looks great girl...