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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I love getting these calls

about 2:30 today I got a "Local" number call on my phone, now when I get these I always jump because it could be work, family, friends or even better yet, it can be the Adoption agency... YOU BET IT WAS the adoption agency calling. YIPPPEEE> Our finger prints came back and were ok(better have been!) and we are now approved and finalized for our homestudy. WOOHOOO. I go tomorrow to drop off the $500 check and then pick up the home study packet that is finalized. Ahhhhhhh. MAJOR sigh of relief. What a huge hurdle.

So as the time line goes...

We applied to this agency on January 25th 2006 and today, March 21st 2006 we are officailly Waiting to be presented to a potential birthfamily/mother.

Ok, off to bed to dream of the good things ahead of us.

btw, Infertility rears its head, I am O'ing and my body feels like I have 4 bowling balls in my abdomen. Mean body.. mean. What a tease to ovulate and not be able to have fun with DH to make a baby. Dang it.

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Tempe said...

That is awesome! I'm just waiting for the happy news now.