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Sunday, March 26, 2006

weekends are too short

I so wish the USA had a 4 day a week work week and 3 day weekend. LOL, Long wish that will never happen I am sure. I wish I had a maid to do laundry and clean house because that is time taken out of our lives that I can't enjoy with FUN things to do. No, laundry is NOT FUN and if you say it is, you need some serious help. It is a chore and I should get paid to do it. Yes, paid to do my own laundry. Instead, I wish I were out being able to enjoy my DH and I together instead of dusting, sweeping the hair of 3 furdoggies and one furkitty. Etc for all jobs related to our home. Ha.

Well, after searching on the internet for adoption grant resources, I came up with 2 to apply for so far. But funny thing is I can't do one of them yet (other is signed sealed and delivered via the net) because I need to print the application out on legal sized paper. Heck, I don't have any of that. Looks like Office Depottt will be the first stop on my way home from work tomorrow for a ream of legal sized paper. Hahahaha.

I will say my prayers (ok, prayers done for tonight) and hope and pray that the grants applied for will help us in some way, shape or form.

Yard sale details. I am accepting donations of items of used value to put into our yard sale on April 22nd(email me at twogoots at yahoo dot come if you might have an item to donate for the cause) for the purpose of fundraising the Legal team fees of our adoption(1500.00) and then to cover at least 4-6 weeks of work pay because my employer does not have an PAID leave for employees adopting. Sure I get leave, I can take up to 12 weeks off via FMLA, BUT THEY WON'T PAY ME FOR ANY OF THAT. I must either take the time off at placement WITHOUT PAY until I am ready to return back to work(minimum of 6 weeks) or vacation time. I make ok monies at my job, but remember we have gone through 6.5 years of out of pocket expenses to try and have a biological child through IF treatments(hence the title of my blog here, tubeless=ivf). Oh, I am saving 3 weeks of vacation time at the least so I can get paid for a few days off work, but I can't carry that over into 2006 so I must use it this year or lose it. So if we have to wait until early 2007 to be matched and then placed, I have to use up my current vacation b4 Dec 31st.

So our adoption costs are unfolding like this.

so far we have put out 3060.00 for the following two lists:

300.00 application fee
1500.00 contract fee
500.00 first part of home study
500.00 final part of home study

approx $260.00 for the following:
finger prints, copies of both of our birth certificates(certfied), marriage lic(certified copy), physicals(copays), plus profile print copies from your neighborhood kinko's.

It is adding up, but so glad our agency does not require more up front.

Amen to that.

Thanks for reading and sorry if it sounds like I am being a begger for funding, but I think a yard sale is a good way for spring cleaning.

Oh, btw, every time I get home and have money in my pocket, I put some of it in the piggy bank... change or dollars or even some 5 dollar bills. At the end of this month I will open it up and tell you how much I was able to put in there without thinking about it. You know, you addicted Starbucks people, just think about how much you spend on that morning boost, I bet it adds up, so when I have that extra change in my pocket/wallet from my morning addictions too, I put them in the piggy bank when I get home.

Ok, enough rambling.. Off to bed to dream of some more fundraising ideas.

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