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Sunday, March 12, 2006

the yucky 24 hour bug stinks...

After the home study I fell ill. Man, the 24 hour tummy bug sure sucks. Ugh. I had to cancel on 2 friends and I hate that. Sorry Pam! DH came down with it tonight. MIL came down with it today and said it was the worst she has felt in ages. What gives? Is it something in the water, air, food? Yuck. Glad I have a good hand held game in the loo.

Adoptive Families mag came in this weekend. Yeah. I love this mag. It is very informative and has so many good tips and articles to put my worries at ease. I especially love the ages section they do. I saw DH glance at it too. sweet.

I am getting a John Lennon High chair off of craigslist. Thanks Mel for the link to it. Great deal and she said it was in great shape so I will go pick it up Tuesday night after work. Fun.

Oh, btw, The social worker liked the nursery! Ahhh, it is nice to have something positive to look at. I actually went in there the other night and sat in the rocking chair for about 5 minutes looking around at the crib and newly painted walls and border we put up. I love it. It is a huge step in the right direction for us to have done. Never in the 6.5 years of Infertility would I have even given a nursery a thought, well we did once when pg with the twins in 2003, but that was for a brief few weeks sadly.

Oh, I have heard that BabiesRus is doing an adoption event sometime in APril. I will post details when I get them..Nice. I sure wonder if there were enough people that biotched about the lack of concern for perspective adoptive families or what?! Maybe it was a person that worked in corperate offices that decided they had to approach BBRU for this event. Nice! THanks to whomever it was or however it came about. More on this when I find out details. I will post them here of course.

stay tuned

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