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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Prayers go to the Pearlstone family(death ment)

Matthew Pearlstone was found dead in a dorm room in VA. Matthew is the son of the my (I last saw him for IVF in fall 2004)Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Anthony Pearlstone. I am so sad for his family. I remember seeing Matthews exact picture on the doc's shelf in his office. I am heartbroken that Dr. P has lost his son when he is the man that is in the medical field to help other couples / women/ etc. make their families through infertility treatments. Wow. How crazy is that. I am sorry they lost their son. I know the office staff said Dr. P is a dedicated Family man and I can't imagine what it is like to lose a child(although I have lost many pregnanices, this is incomprehensible to me).

I am going to send a sympathy card to the office with a donation to Matthews fund.

My prayers go out to their family.

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Elliott Back said...

I've got a couple posts, starting with this one about Matt Pearlstone on my CU blog, including some of his own writing!