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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

skating to our next step

We have skated past our first home study visit. In office social worker sit down interview/gab session for 1.5 hours. It was actually fun. She is so warming, so welcoming and reassuring that we are doing well with our paperchase and she LOVED our profile. She will review our letter once more and if we need to change anything she will call us.

Now to find an infant cpr option. Long story there.

Next on the agenda:

1) book physical and get TB test
2) get employer letter of employment verification
3) get fingerprints done and send to Jeff City.
4) get last letter of reference(4 of 5 collected and turned in now)
5) have a margarita! *yup, I can do that! neener neener neener*
6) I forget. LOL

What a great day. I was so not nervous going into this home study visit. Nice.

Oh, btw, all those people that told us to be prepped for at least 1 inch thick paperwork stack to fill out when the home study starts, YOU ARE SO WRONG. My agency said it is crazy that some agencies have you fill out all of that paperwork. It really replaces what she can do as a social worker and can feel out in an interview in person. So... no stacks of inches of paperwork to fill out. We are virtually done with the paperwork.

In all reality, we could be ready to be shown to potential birthmothers in a matter of 6 weeks from now. (depending how long the fingerprints take to get back approved!)

WOW. that is only weeks away. SWEET.

Oh, the adoption parenting classes start the first Thursday in April.


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Mich said...

Congratulations! I know one thought we had after talking about ourselves and putting together our profile was, "wow. do you think we are too self centered to be parents?"!!! It is a great feeling to be so close to being ready to be matched---enjoy that margarita!!