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Monday, February 06, 2006

although I city dwell......

I still love walking out onto the deck on a chilly winter night, while letting the pups outside, and enjoying the smell of a wood burning stove from neighbors houses. When I was growing up, my parents always had a wood burning stove in the house. It was so warm on that floor, 2nd story of a 3 story brick house in the City(historic Shaw Neighborhood). We would get a load of wood from the Muny Parking lot (city gave wood away for free in huge pieces every other week. You come pick it up and chop it for FREE. So my brother would use the axe and chisel and break the wood apart. He even got smart one year and borrowed a gas powered splicer. We had lots of wood that winter to use and boy was it warm.

I am a lover of a nice warm stove. I so wish we had a fire place in our house. WOod burning that is. I know gas fire places are nice, but the smell and warmth of a wood burner can't be beat.

The Pot Belly Stove is a missed item in my life today. In order to get my fix.. I make a nice camp fire when camping!!!!

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