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Friday, February 03, 2006

brain fart or rather bloggersblock

I have written 3/4 of 3 different posts tonight and have saved them all as drafts because they just make no sense to me. Total brain fart on what I wanted to blog about tonight. Go figure. Just when I had thought of a good topic to discuss tonight on the way home from the adoptoinsupport group meeting I have been flashed with bloggerblock. Meaning I can't remember what to blog about. WTF? Is this a new syndrome? Have I been attacked by the big blogger evil writers block?

I do this jabbering in this blog to entertain me, but I also love to help others.. so help me figure out a good way to Unleash this bloggerblock.


I am making no sense.

Work has me in a whirlwind right now and I am managing to keep my head afloat so maybe that is causing the confusion and bloggersblock? no?

what might it be?

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Pietr said...

'Brainfart'-very descriptive.
I get the same problem.
My trick is to write down 1,2 or 3 words on a piece of paper.
They should be trigger words that might be the core description that you feel strongly about.
Now I'm going to use this comment- "Later I must write about the precarious position of the Western States, between the conflicting growths of Muslim fanaticism and Nationalist bigotry, like Wiemar Germany in 1933".
Thanks, tubeless!
And good luck with kids, my cuzz adopted and her little girl is lovely.