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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

breaking ground this week

ummmm, kicking it in high gear.. this is my check list for the next few days....

1) finish revisions on birthparent(s) letter

2) finish print shop photo profile of 8-10 pages

3) book our home study

4) CLEAN THE HOUSE(no, really, you don't understand. I know many say to not worry about the home study cleaning of the house, but if you knew me in person and have been to my house, I have that FORBIDDEN room in my house that is off limits .. even to my DH!)

5) order the birth certificates for myself (dh is responsible for his)

6) find out when we need to get finger prints done and where

7) clean

8) Oh, did I mention, CLEAN THE ROOM

9) order a certified copy or two of our marriage license.

10) take a deep breath

11) eat some of DH's home made chicken and dumplins

12) clean that room

13) (my fav # btw) get clinic records on our pets stating they are healthy and up to date on shots(wait, is this necessary with domestic adoption? I guess when we get the home study packet we will know for sure).

ahhhhhhhh, I am sure I will find more #'s to add to this list later.

That is it for today.

1 comment:

Pitypat said...

You are so in order - doing a budget, making lists - I'm so jealous....i can't get either one of us to do those responsible things. I feel like sometimes we're just "wingin it" :(

By the way, have you read any birthmom blogs on Blogger? WOW - there are some angry women out there....