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Sunday, February 12, 2006

I won't get caught up

The bloggin' world is one that is unique to many ideas, ways, customs etc for journaling your thoughts and anything you wish to talk about(literally)... Well I read a bunch of blogs that contain infertility related happenings, and more so now than anything I read blogs that pertain to adoption. Whether it be international adoption or domestic, they all give me hope on the most part to keep chugging along because we will reach our ultimate goal of becoming parents more so than keeping on with fertility treatments (with a less than 20% chance of ever carrying a viable pregnancy to term with this faulty uterus of mine, I was born with a complete fundal to cervix septum that was removed in 5 surgeries and I still can't carry to viability).

Why am I talking about blogs? Well, recently I have found that many in the blogging community I read have been at odds and it is really sad from my point of view. Sure, you have the right to SAY whatever you want, but repercussions of words can have a lasting profound effect (or is that affect?) on others in your community. The inevitable lost friendships can happen if you rub another blogger the wrong way. Ouch. I tend to refrain from being involved for the most part when these prickly rubbings happen. Thank goodness I can just step away from it all. I like to just come here and just down my thoughts and feelings. I don't like to "RAG" on other bloggers per say, but sometimes the hurtfulness they find in themselves to go out and poke and prod others is just gut wrenching when it happens.

I am a reserve person to an extend and with stepping into the realm of the bloggin' atmosphere, I have learned quickly how to keep saying "I won't get caught up in that fiasco I just read about". Sure, I read about those sticky situations, but I tend to keep my bloggin' mouth shut because I am not one that likes to offend or get offended. I feel for those that were hurt by words said from the mouths or typed words of others that dig into the heart, but I try and remind myself that I have enough stress over other things in my life that I just can't let the bloggin' world upset me like it has to some others.

One word of advice, STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER if it so hurtful for you to be involved with such hate and ignorant words flung over the cyber waves. It is so not worth the mindfuck and heartaches.

I am so glad I have a distraction these days...... One step closer each day to our family growing through the wonderful blessing by adoption.

Mood today: panicky to get this Picture profile done this weekend(time is quickly running out)

Music: Greatest hits by The Fixx

Also listening to DH snore!(btw, dh is going in to do a sleep study this week! YEAH VICTORY on my part as I counted that he stopped breathing 4 times in a 45 minute period the other night while he slept on the couch and I was sitting here at the computer! I think he finally got the hint to go do the sleep study after I told him that. I mean I counted to at least 10 seconds each time he stopped breathing. I think that is quite serious!)


Pitypat said...

Isn't it amazing how many people are angry on these blogs? Angry about something - we happen to read alot of the same ones, i'm sure, but there is a lot of feelings floating around cyberspace - let me tell you!

My DH did the sleep study! I heard him stop breathing and it freaked me out. He had it done and at first the tech. there said "you stopped breathing 15 times an hour. 14 is okay, so you're probably alright"
(14 is OKAY???!!!!!) WHAAAA?????

Well, the doctor said that it was 26 times an hour and he needed to either use the C-PAP or have the operation. He had to try the C-PAP for a month and it WOULD NOT work (too claustraphobic)---so now he's getting the operation - March 24th. They will shave his palet, shorten his uvula and take out his adnoids. He said DH would lose 15-20 pounds.........can i get it done too???????

Jaded said...

It's dangerous to personally bash someone on your blog as well. I've had it happen and it was WAY too easy to get personal info about the person bashing me. I still don't get why people go after me, knowing my husband is the ultimate online sleuth and can get anyone's identity in minutes. I mean, it's what he does for a living, for crying out loud!

An unstable person could easily take revenge against them and damage them in numerous ways. They are just REALLY lucky that I can blow it off and laugh at how pathetic they are. Cuz attacks against me have been extremely down and dirty. But I laugh, knowing karma is a big ol bitch.

It's their stress, their high blood pressure. I'd rather laugh and just move on with my life.