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Saturday, February 25, 2006

tooth brush and windex

if only you could have seen DH and I working so hard today TOGETHER in the same room. The future Nursery of our baby. That is where we were today. Cleaned out the junk(now I have to sort that out in the basement rooms) and dusted, removed old border, used a tooth brush to clean the base board trim, used windex to clean the window ledges, and yet still more to do.

Went to lowes tonight to buy the moss green bottom room wall paint and a pale yellow to go above the border(john lennon real love).

I called my mom tonight and asked her what she is doing tomorrow afternoon, she said "Not much, why?" I invited her to come paint with us... She was giddy with giggles. LOL This woman is more excited that DH and I put together. LMAO I love it.

Maybe we can take a few pictures of us painting. I did get a few pictures today of us cleaning out the room and DH ripping off the old border.

We bought a white ceiling fan to put in the nursery. DH found a fan online that was decorated with John Lennon Real Love decals and wanted to buy it, but I talked him into buying the fan from lowes and then I would buy the decals off ebay and put them on there myself. He agreed and actually went to ebay himself and found the decals and bought them too! LOL Gung-ho.

Anti-social Non-Mardi Gras goers here! Just happy nursery preppin' fools instead

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So Jaded said...

I'd take decorating a nursery over watching the girlies flash their ta tas any day of the week. Talk about desperation for attention and validation. Sheesh, if you get a little girl, please teach her basic values and decency, please!