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Sunday, February 05, 2006

one letter down

and a profile to go and then it is time to call for setting up our home study and cleaning the back bedroom and 2 basement rooms so we can get the nursery going.


Let me tell you, I found it hard in a way to sit down and write a letter about ourselves. Both dh and I worked on this letter. I wrote many paragraphs and I had him help edit and get it ready to print. I will go back over it tomorrow and then on Monday contact the agency to drop it off for her suggestions and edits.

Now to learn how to use Print Shop for building our profile.

I have lots of good online photos to use, but i think I need to go through the photo albums and then go to the local cornerwalgreens and copy a few to use from the older days before a digital camera. LOL... Now that I have a digital camera(as does dh) we don't tend to print ANY Pictures out anymore. NONE. THey are all just online and soon to be moved to a dvdr disk for safe keeping.

off to bed

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Pitypat said...

There is a trick to get your own pics on Printshop - it can be done....let me know if you can't get it, I'd be happy to help you out. You are getting this done so quick~!