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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Just an "EFF" that mood....

have you ever gotten into one of those EFF- it moods while doing the ttc thing? Last night it just hit me. You know, I have been good over the last few years of not gaining weight , trying to eat right, I did loose a few lbs back when I was not cycling... I take my vitamins... I go by the book, no drinks in the cycle... etc... and still we have not had success. So a few nights ago I had some wine. I ate chips and salsa... I was not the best when it came to being a good food conscious eater. I was in an EFF it mood.
DH agreed with me last night.

Isn't it crazy what we put ourselves through? I know it will reap
rewards in the end to keep on trying, but dang, I am tired of being the "Ms. Goodie-two-shoes" in all this.

Sorry, I had to vent. I Just wondered if you ever when through thesefeelings while ttc?

Hope your day is going well. I wish I were outside in the beautiful

One E2 shot down and 3 to go up to the 3rd of June.

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