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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

all clear for take off....

I am cyst free and lining is thin and ready to be pumped with E2.... My body listened.

I start my E2 shots in the pm tonight and keep on my 5u of lupron each morning through this cycle.

(Monday)I am so lucky to have a new doc that I am confortable with already. I swear, we get along so well. He walked into the exam/us room and immediately wanted to shake my hand. Very upbeat.... I asked him if it was fun being the local Celeb on the news spot over the weekend.. and he was surprised I had said that. LOL he did a small segment on Low Ovarian Reserve in ttc... Pretty good story that even being 28-30 yrs old, you can have success with low ovarian reserve.

Sooooo, he does the US and checks the lining... All is well, it is a thin lining which is a good start to the cycle.. thus that is the reason my AF is aloof, near non-existant. LOL Which is an ok thing since I am on lupron still. Then he checked my ovaries and I have lots of antral follies ready to get my body in shape for this FET... Oh, I forgot to ask him, do they want me to ovulate in the FET cycle? hmmm, I will have to ask them when I drop off some paperwork DH needs to inital in the next few days.

After that he turned on the light and asked me if I had any questions.. YUP, of course I do... I hate it when I don't have my list of things to ask, but I did remember 2 of 3 big things... #1 was that since I am allergic to aspirin, what will he do to supplement my cycle? He said we will be doing either Heparin or Lovanox(sp?) in the 2ww and hopefully beyond into pgcy. YEAH.. #2 ? was about how many to transfer and what did he think our thaw rate will be with 3 beautiful expanded frozen day 6 blasts???? He said the thaw rate should be great and really hopes for at least 2 of the 3 to make it... he then said we needed to get my embies transferred to his lab, but I told him that has already taken place. SOOO he went out immediatly and got my frozen embie report to put in my file from the lab director at his office.

Ok, rambling.. sorry.

I had a great day.. I am to start my E2V shots tomorrow evening.. IM shots so DH gets to be involved with this cycle finally. LOL I am excited and nervous too, but blind to what an FET is all about so I take each step with a new renewed breath of fresh air.

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