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Thursday, May 26, 2005

clots clots and more clots...

ewwww, this is gross so if you wish not to read.... you have been warned.

last night I passed several clots...frist this was a clot around the size of a half dollar and thick as 1/2 inch.. ugh.. I could feel something happening... lots of contraction like cramps. I passed a clot and now I just have cramps and bright bleeding. What is the world is my body doing?

should I call them, the doc? I will see in the AM if it is still bad, but for now I am heading to bed to lay down.

I give... I can't predict anything this body is trying to do. LOL

I hope it is nothing serious.

Thursday morning update.... I am ok now.. just crampy and small amounts of tissue passing now.. I can't get a grip on what my body is trying to do. This scares the chit out of me to even try and get pg with this stuff happening. Oh Lord hear our prayers to get us pregnant with this FET and keep a baby growing inside of me for 8 -9 months without incident. Please?

Ok, off to work. Hey, it is chinese food day. YEAH... one good reason to go into work. LOL

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