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Saturday, May 21, 2005

what? gone? nope.. just lazy ....

you got that right. I am lazy and have failed to post an update for a while. These are the snapshots of what has been happening...

Last Saturday the 14th I started that lovely Loooopppyyyy LUPON for our FET cycle. I started with 10u a day also taking bcp's on top of that so man was I getting moody. I stopped bcp's Wed night and then dropped down the Lupron from 10 u to 5u a day.. YEAH.. less chances for a headache from hell then. I am so bloated and I have the MAJOR PMS'ing munchies. Girls, you know that when you PMS... DON'T to go KRISPY KREME! FRICK... I did and now I regret it, but since I bought those damn addictive things home, you know I have to eat them now. Bahahahahahahaha

Yesterday or Today is the "Should expect Period" suggestion on my FET calendar. Well, today is 1/2 over and AF is NOT here yet. Frick.. what am I to do to get this body to understand that I NEED AF to show... You know, we women that are ttc NEVER want AF to show in the 2ww, but when we are in prep to these once in a YEAR cycles that I get to do, I NEED AF NOW and DAMN IT ALREADY she needs to show. Frick.. I want her to show and NOW she has decided to take a vacation... Ok, maybe I should go put on my favorite WHITE pair of shorts and maybe that will bring her on? (side note to those reading... I am a tubeless wonder (lost both tubes to ectopics) so no, we are NOT able to get pg so don't think that the fun DH and I have can ever give us a means to procreate! Sad, but true)


I am so lazy today... I went yard saling, but now am tired so I have no energy to do any house work and let me tell you the dust bunnies are actually making the dogs jump when they blow across the floor from the swirl of the ceiling fan. AHAHAHAHAHa....

Dust bunnies here consist of DOG HAIR. 3 dogs, who the frick gave us permission to have 3 dogs in this here house? If I wear a WHITE outfit, my 2 black dogs leaves traces of themselves on me.. IF I wear dark colors, my other blonde dog leaves her traces on me too. Thank goodness for a whirlwind vac and those lovely Masking Tape type Lint rollers. Ahhhhhhh. I have one in my car, at work, at home, in the camper.

Ok, off to go veg on the couch. Today was a wonderful day... now I have to look forward to house work tomorrow AM and then if the weather (rain expected) clears, to go outside and trim those WILDASS burning bushes out front so I don't look like the HOOSIER house on the block like some of my other city folk neighbors. Oh and I plan on planting my garden too if I can get to the local HomeDepot store. Tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, green peppers, and maybe some home grown spinach. Yum

Later, until I am not so lazy I can get myself up and type a new updated message. :)

Oh, I have my first FET US and B/w scheduled for Monday at 8 am .. I sure hope it is good news and also that I can make it to work by 8:30.. Yikes.

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