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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Beautiful Day...

Wow, in the last 2 days I have gotten so much stuff done. Cleaned the house(not top to bottom, but enough to rid the dog hair) and then have done so much outside yard work it is really starting to look like a house I can invite folks over to.

DH opened the swimming pool today.. might take a few days to get it really in an "open" status due to some holes we had in the cover leaked leaves and dirt into the water. That takes a few shocks to clean up and a few vac runs to clean the leaves.

My veggie garden is being planted in about 20 minutes. I will have 4 different types of tomatoes. Cherry, Roma, Big boy and a nice hybrid. 2 cucumber vines and 3 different pepper plants... 2 green and 1 red. YEAH. I love veggies and it is so liberating knowing I CAN GROW them. I picked about 50 cucumbers last year and ate them and gave them away then the tomatoes I loved and ate raw and had them on my salads and also gave them to neighbors and co-workers. I might try my hand at some spinach.. not sure yet. It is kinds getting late for that planting to happen though.

Ok, back to work ... Hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday weekend.

Oh, on the TTC front.. AF is GONE GONE GONE.. YEAH. June 10th here we come. I go back in Tuesday morning for my scan and B/w and then 2 more E2 shots this week to come and then prep for the transfer. I sure hope and pray we can get at least 2 of our 3 embies to thaw for a good transfer.

Oh, since I can't do baby aspirin, I will be on the heparin in the 2ww, did I post that already? bahahahaha, my mind is lost.

Back to work.

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