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Sunday, May 22, 2005

To tease or not to Tease.....

That is the statement of the day... not the question.... Today is Sunday..My FET calendar read to "expect period" on either Friday or Saturday... Well, look at the date I am posting this.... SUNDAY.. HELLO BODY.. Listen to the damn calendar already. Listen to what the nurse and doc need you to do. I can't give you anymore subliminal hints to CATCH ON TO the INSTRUCTIONS the office is giving you NOW. Cousin Spot is now almost GONE... I need the flood gates to open up now. I can only ask so much of this body, but damnitalready... listen. If I can't get a cycle in now for a transfer on 6/10/05 then I won't be able to cycle this month. Or maybe for another 3 months. Co-worker dictates what time I can have off since she has 25 years of service in at the job and has the First pick of when she can take off. She has vacation at the end of June and is also set to be off for when her daughter has her frist child in either late July or early August. If I can only be the one pregnant and needing time off. UGH.

Sorry to rant, it is just that I am on this DANG Loopy Lupron and it is playing havoc on my moods and my swollen overdue AF body.

Ok, went to my bil's for his bday party today and I enjoyed it. My niece and nephew were there... 4.7 yrs old and 2.5 yrs old respectfully.... I really loved being in their company today.. kinda gives me hope that DH and I are almost there... ready to become parents to a child we will be blessed with soon. I loved the fun comments they both had for situations they were in today.. funny and it kept me LOL.

Ok, off to read my book for the book club that is due tomorrow night.. Ooppsss, I am on page 120 and it is a 400 page book... oops.. don't think I will finish this one either.


First US and B/w tomorrow AM to determine how this cycle will go.

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