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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What do you pay for milk?

Julia is on cows milk. Whole/Vit D. These are the prices I have found lately

Schnucks (depends on the store) usually $4.00

Shop-n-Save $4.03 (as of last night)

Target $3.79 (just raised prices from 3.59)

Quick Trip $3.49

so Quick Trip gets my business.

What are you paying (Whole/2%?)and where are you buying it? I know everyone drinks different grades of milk, but we are instructed to buy whole milk for her to drink. I hardly ever drink milk so DH drinks the whole milk also.


Molly said...

One of the stores usually runs it for 2/$6 when you buy $10 in groceries. Target and Tom Thumb tend to run the most around $4.00-4.50.

The kids drank whole milk for a long time and now drink 2%

Two Lines On a Stick said...

We get our Whole Milk at Sam's. It is only $3.05-ish and it is HORMONE FREE. I can't afford organic at nearly $6 per gallon so I figure that's the next best thing. ALso Trader Joe's has hormone free milk for I think $3.79, so that's my second choice. If I'm lazy or short on time I will get it at Schnucks but it kills me to pay a whole dollar more for crap with growth hormones in it.

Camera Obscura said...

I was getting milk at Sam's because we go through a gallon in a day and a half (roughly) around here, and Sam's usually runs $.50 to $1 cheaper per gallon. But then gasoline got so high, and I did the math -- I'm saving $1.50 to $3 a trip if I go only for milk, which I can only store 3 gallons of at a time. But I only get 21 mph and the closest Sam's is 10 miles away, or one gallon of gas ($3.50 to $4) per trip. Whoops, there went my "savings"... So I pick up milk if I'm there for other things (and I only go when the list gets long) but I grab milk at the grocery store otherwise.

Plus, Sam's milk usually has an expiration date far sooner than that at the grocery store, and I have had several gallons that were spoiled when I got them home. (Math in first paragraph also makes going back for a refund worthless.)

stljoie said...

We save an enourmous amount of money on everything at Aldi's. I first went there taking a client who had so very little money and started picking up a few things and then more. And now we get all of our staple product there as well as fresh and frozen meats. Their chili beans and spicy tomatoes make the best chili in the world. There are some things I don't care for but by and large you save a bundle.

petunia said...

believe it or not we are paying $5.99 a gallon because we are only letting J drink Organic milk. Fortunately for her and unfortunately for our wallets, she likes milk---a lot!