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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my heart started pounding with fear....DH's keys were gone....

the overwhelming fear a mother gets when their child possibly swallowed something, that something not being GOOD food! It was possibly Dh's truck keys (to no fault of his own, we both have given her keys to play with, but usually with the remote attached, he removed the remote because she kept setting his truck alarm off). After about 1 hour we realized that his keys were missing. Now mind you these keys are NOT big key ring keys, but simply as small as a regular house door lock type of key. There were about 4 keys on the ring. we realized we could not find them after she fell asleep tonight. My fear struck. I was so afraid she swallowed them and we would end up on the ER looking for doctors to xray her to find out where they were at in her belly, or between mouth and belly. We searched the house high and low. (Ewwwww, the dust bunnies under our bed are about to attack us. Dogs, Mommy found all of your toys! Julia, Momma found several of your peek-a-boo balls under the computer stand) I could not let the fear go that she had swallowed these keys. So after contemplating on going into her room after she was asleep with the flashlight, I managed to look under her bed, nope. Under her rocker, nope, under her changing table (ewww again, dang I need a cleaning lady!) and then finally, I went into her closet where I have a 4 stack drawer system for her shoes and with the aide of the flashlight I was able to catch a shinny glimpse of some keys in her drawer full of shoes. OMG... the fear instantly left my gut and I immediately shined the flashlight on her and thanked the good man above that she had not swallowed the keys.

you just never know where a child will put something you need. They find the best hiding places. LOL

shuuuuuuuu, one er trip avoided.

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Jon said...


My name is Jon and I’m a producer with a one hour documentary for TLC (The Learning Channel).

The scope of the show deals with young children who have swallowed foreign objects (pennies, buttons…anything that is not food)… and were taken to the hospital to recover.

What are we looking for? Parents who are willing to share their story on television. So if you or someone you know has a story like this, let us know!

Please email a brief outline of your story, your contact info, and any questions you might have about this program to our Segment Producer Megan Reeves at megan AT mikemathisprods DOT com .

Thank you so much!

Jon Maas
Mike Mathis Productions