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Monday, September 01, 2008

Sweet Summertime at Suson Park

FIRST OFF, I sure hope the folks in LA and MS have gotten out of the path of Hurricane Gustov. My work has policies written in these areas and are again in 3 years time taking a major hurricane damage hit. You can't stop mother nature. I hope people took the mayors suggestions and got out of town.

Onto a good Saturday report from this weekend.

What a great FREE attraction in the Greater St. Louis area to go to. Suson Park was our destination on Saturday. DH was out of town for the memorial service for his Great Uncle that went to heaven this past week so Julia and I took off out of the house on Saturday and went to a few yard sales (she really loves looking at toys now, but we did not buy any big toys, but good clothes bargains and lots of books that were new! ). Suson Park has a new playground, but honestly it was too crowded so we stuck to visiting the animals instead. Julia just loved it.

First was a visit to the mini ponies (warning, they do BITE like the sings say, just ask my purse hanging off the stroller handle):

then she took a fascination with Tom Turkey (that is what we decided to name him):

Then she got a nice close up of the goats and sheep. One goat kept coming up to the fence and wanting to be fed (but you can't do that at Suson Park).

Julia was so cute with the Mule in the stables (and cows too), but this one really got her fancy. She kept turning around at me and giving me a HUGE smile like she was so pleased to have this Mule in her vison. She kept talking to him, pointing to him and saying something like "go".... (this is her camera ham smile too. Nice snaggletooth, huh? ):

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