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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sweet Sunday Snacks / lunch, weekend update

This was Julia's Sunday lunch.

She loves it when I cut her grilled cheese into the shape of a butterfly(basically she hates the crust). We got this cookie cutter at her friends' first Birthday party back a few months ago. I started doing the shape cut out a few weeks back and we have not looked back since then. See how a simple cookie cutter can spruce up lunch and excite the little one? Aside of her grilled butterfly cheese sandwich is cut up grapes and cut up watermelon. She LURRVVSSSS her watermelon too.

I took off work Friday so that Julia and I could visit Shaw's Garden, or you might know it as Mo Botanical Gardens (sorry, but I have to say that I grew up 3 blocks away from MO BOT Gardens and we did not call it that, we called it Shaw's Garden). It was an overcast day, a little cool, but a great day. I Had not been there for about 10 years so I am glad I went. K and her twins V & A met us there. We had a great time viewing all the Niki sculptures and playing on/in them (the ones you are allowed to play on). Then we headed to the Children's play area. What a great place. I know I will go back in the warmer months so that Julia can play in the water fountains. K and the girls had to leave so J and I walked down around the Japanese Garden and fed some bread to the carp / coy fish.

I must say that the Japanese Garden is now the proud owner of a (green color) Soothie binky complements of Julia. Bahahahaha.. no, it was not fun at the time because Julia was having a fit because she did not have her binky to help her fall asleep, but it is funny to think that we are most likely not the first mom and daughter / child to lose a binky to the beautiful lush greenery that lines the path to the beautiful japanese garden bridge and zen garden.

here is a picture with J and her two friends V & A

Julia turns 1 in a few weeks time and I just cherish each moment with her. I love it when she says momma or dadda when looking for us. She points to the birds in the sky. She points to nearly everything and we say what it is and sometimes she tries to say that word. She has such a great memory. Such curiosity. Such love. I am so thankful for her in our lives and her birthmother's decision to bring her into this world and asking us to become Julia's parents. We thank her each day by saying hello to her picture on the wall near her changing table. We say hello to her birth siblings who also have pictures on her wall along with her birthgrandmother. I miss them. I hope we hear form them soon.


Harmony said...

That sandwich is too pretty :) I tried giving my daughter watermelon the other day, and she refused it! I think she just doesn't like anything too cold - besides ice cream!

tubelessstl said...

harmony, I have also done a simple square cut out and a cute tree cut out (xmas tree cutter I still have in the drawer)... hey it works to get them to eat, right!

that watermelon on the tray had been out of the cold watermelon sitting on the counter top for at least 45 minutes while I was prepping her and lunch and feeding it to her. So it was not so cold as in just out of the refrig. I take a mellon, cut it in 1/2 and then take a large spoon and just pull scoops out of it for her to eat (I do cut them up). She loves this.

Zen Ventures said...

THat is so creative! I guess our kids has different tastes. Mine loved lemon wedges and will suck the juice out of it till there was none! The Graden look really nice. I"m sure you and especially Julia had fun with those fishes.