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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm so glad we adults don't remember as we were little infants-toddlers

Oh the pain these children go through with breaking in teeth through the gums. Oh I am so glad we don't remember this time of pain as we were going through as infants and toddlers! YOUCH. It must really hurt her. Fever, Runny nose, Chewing on anything she can get her hands on and winching in pain as she bites into a frozen gogurt to help sooth the pain with the sweet cold feeling of being frozen. Little sweetheart, I promise that the teeth are worth it in the end. And to just think this is the first stage of the process. Tooth #4 is breaking through. She will have her two middle bottom teeth (already in ) along with two FANG teeth up top when this next one breaks through.. No, Not her two front top teeth, those are nowhere to be found. She is going to look a tad funny for a while waiting for those two front top teeth to break through.

She was so snuggle filled tonight. I love that!


Oh, swimming lessons again this Saturday. FUN FUN FUN. She is a water bug for sure.

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