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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Celebrating 17 years in lazy style.... Happy Anniversary to my rock!

17 years of marriage is HUGE considering many of our friends are now divorced. We started out as knowing each other through his sister, who was in my grade school and high school class. He was in the Air Force when we were in High school and she would bring her snail mail letters to lunch and read them to me. He use to drive us to soccer games at Lafayette Park in the City when we were in grade school, but never did I expect that he and I would exchange phone numbers on my 19th birthday at his moms house after a downer of a night and a cancelled party. LOL I Had to call his sister the next day and tell her he had asked for my phone number and I hope it would not make her mad. That my friends marks the beginning of our nearly 18.5 years of being together and then now 17 years of marriage. No, it has not all been a smooth road, but honestly those bumps in the road have brought us closer than ever. Many miscarriages later, failed adoptions and now the beautiful daughter we love to the core, it has been worth every moment.

Happy Anniversary my sweetie.

and this is what makes me so proud of him. He is such a wonderful daddy.

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hope548 said...

Congratulations on your 17th anniversary!