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Thursday, September 18, 2008

weekend packed with St. Louis attractions / events.....

Friday afternoon into evening kicks off with several members of our family gathering for the Great Forest Park Balloon Glow. I have not been to one of these events since I was a kid and I can't wait to take Julia. I just hope she is not scared from the hot air blowers. LOL I think we will have DH, myself, Julia, bil, sil, cousins S & S and possibly my brother and sil and their 3 kids. We are planning a picnic and then walk over from the horse stable area to the glow. I am so excited to go. I know, some might just roll their eyes and say, "What is the big attraction?", but this is a tradition in St. Louis that is FREE and FUN.

Saturday is a visit to the S. City YMCA for her second of seven swim lessons this session.

Sunday is a another free event. We are going to the St. Louis Blues Fan Fest. YEAH. Hockey

I hope to fit a visit in to the playground at Francis Park on Saturday sometime or maybe we can go feed the ducks at Wilmore park if the playground is too busy.

what is on tap for your weekend?

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