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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Related? Do you ever run into

do you ever run into someone with your maiden last name? In a way I did. One of my ebay items I sold this weekend was bought by a lady with my maiden name. I won't post what that name is, but it is not a very common name. Irish, yet, but not one you here of too often. Not like the name of Jackson or Smith! I went to print out her ebay shipping tag tonight and realized that her last name was the same as my maiden name so now I wonder if she is some long distant relative or maybe if she married into the family?

Ever have that happen?


JO said...

Actually, yes, my grandmothers maiden name was Zellweger...not too many of them...of course we wonder about Renee.

JennyK said...

I was actually tracked down by bill collectors looking someone with my FULL maiden name. Um, sorry wrong Jennifer Another-Uncommon-Irish-Surname-Here. Go figure. The only "famous" person with it is a former college basketball coach -- I always wanted to write and ask him his geneaology but I thought he might think I was a stalker.

Hope the eBaying is going well.

patty said...

My OBGYN has the same first and last name as my mother! The first time I called when I was 20 I asked for Mrs. "jane smith" (real name not mentioned here of course) and the receptionist said "you mean DR. "Jane Smith??" and I said "oh yes, I'm sorry, that's my mother"----she put me on hold immediately and I'm sure she told the whole office she had some nut on the phone who said I was the Dr.s daughter....:)