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Monday, March 26, 2007

4 tulip buds? OMG.. Yes indeed

While walking out of the house to leave for work, I stopped and looked at the rising tulip stalk I mentioned in my earlier post and OMG.. there are 4 buds on there. I was laughing so hard. This mishap of a once planted upside down bulb (not my doing), thought to have been dug up, now producing miracle bulbs of tulip has 4... count them ONE TWO THREE FOUR buds on it and are about a week from blooming. WOOOOHOOOOO. My green thumb is at work. Eventhough I did not do a darn thing except try to dig it up one day and missed it, My bulb populated itself and now has quadrupled in quantity. I LOVE IT. Maybe next year it will quadruple again.. and so on.

Ahhh, got the window fans out of the attic and put them in action yesterday afternoon to bring in the cooler air and let me tell you, it is great sleeping weather.

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