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Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring makes me happy

Bring it on. I love watching the trees bud and bloom. I love the yellow Forsythia Bush that is blooming in my back yard and along the highway 40 ramps. Tulips are staring to come up.

I have one lone tulip coming up in the yard. It is a red bud or at least it was the last few years.

There is a story behind this tulip. ( I will take a picture and post it when it blooms). The people that lived here b4 us prior to 1994 planted hundreds of tulips in the backyard and front yard. Well when we moved in in December of 1994 I had no clue what was plated here until the Spring of that year. Nice tulip leafs, but no buds, no flowers... What? Yes, the idiots that planted them put everyone of them UPSIDE DOWN in the ground. You might ask why this Upside down is so important.. well, the blub of a tulip has to be planted a certain way so the growing leafs and stalk that produce the flower bud grow straight up into the air. If you plant them upside down then the growth is stunted and the stalk never produces a flower bud thus no flower cups. I love tulips, but I knew I had to dig them up. I spent 2 nights doing this that Spring. I did not have a place to plant them again after relandscpaping. So no more tuplips.

Or so I thought.

I noticed 2 years after I dug them all up that I have one tulip leaf bunch coming up in the dirt along the front of my porch. The leafs only got about 2 inches tall and quickly died. So I did not try and dig it up. I thought it has totally died and it would not come back, but I was wrong. The next Spring it came back and even taller. So I dug it up. The next Spring, another taller set of leaves showed up. What? I dug them up! Well I must have missed a little bulb in the dirt and with moving the dirt around it must have set itself Upright ... SO for the last several years I have been the proud mamma of one lone Red tulip in my yard. I love it. I look forward to it growing each Spring. Then I get sad when the pettles fall off. BUT I know it will come back strong the next year.... FUN.

Spring also brings the new hope that the phone starts ringing soon with potential birthmother situations. This time last year we had gotten a call already to possibly show our profile to a situation, but we had decided to decline the situation. BUT it gives me hope that there are possible situations to come sooner than later.

Tomorrow is the baby sale(read previous post). I asked my friend K to go with me and she offered to drive. FUN. I hope she finds a few things for her girls. I know I don't have much to buy, but I will always find a good bargain or two that I can't pass up. I can't buy any more gender specific items since we don't have a match with a potential birthmother yet so I will refrain from buying any. Well, ok, maybe one or two outfits. Maybe. LOL

Our weekends are quickly booking up with things to do now. Camping soon, more babysitting, family member due with our next niece or newphew in a few days from now. Birthday party for my to be 1 year old niece. Then we get to book our homestudy renewal date for later in April or early May. I like being busy with fun things like this.

Prayers to a friend from the old IF support group. She and her DH are adopting and even had their new son in arms in another state, but the birthfather surfaced just after the birth and apparently got custody of the baby. I am so heartbroken for R and her DH. Prayers for healing for them.

Ahhh, the landscaping guy just showed to measure for an estimate on our backyard to resod it. We have grubs and he said they will have to kill those first and then kill out the grass(weeds) before they can till the yard to level it and then lay the new sod. FUN. I want a nice green grass, but the landscaping company will do a little research first on what grass grows well in this climate (hahaha stick around st. louis, the weather will be different tomorrow!!!) and what grass will hold up with 3 dogs that will need to use the yard for a potty. The front yard is very plush and won't need to be worked on. I can't wait for the new grass though. Oh and the cost is very very minimal compared to having to be deal with the possiblity of divorced from doing the work on the yard ourselves. LOL If you have ever worked on a project with your spouse/so then you know what I mean by possible divorce.

I need to get busy working on cutting out more bottle holders this weekend.


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twolinesonastick said...

Oh do I ever know what you mean! We have a lawn service too, but they don't do the mowing or raking... I have been BEGGING hubby for like two weeks now to please please please suck up the leaves and acorns in our front yard so we can put down some grass seed and hopefully get rid of the yucky patchiness. Constant battle. That's why we pay the guys to do everything else.