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Saturday, March 31, 2007

hope hope and more hope

tomorrow morning, well in a few hours that is, I will be at the hospital for the birth of my new niece or nephew. Exciting! I know, some of you might think, "well why is she doing that - going to the hospital after having such bad experiences with IF and miscarriages and such" - well, this is my niece or newphew being born and born to parents that struggled to achieve this miracle pgcy. I am excited for them and this makes my drive even more solid to want to adopt soon so we can have cousins the same age to be able to have fun together and many play dates etc....

Speaking of adopting, nothing .. nada... zilch in the way of calls or potential leads. I am thinking we need to expand our "advertising" by leaps and bounds. I can't believe we have waited over a year so far. Yes, the agency did say it could take 18-24 months to have a potential match and baby in arms, but dangitalready, I am tired of waiting. We waited and waited with baited breath for nearly 8 years going through infertility and now another year on top of that for the adoption wait. We have been patient, but that is wearing thin now. We were going to renew our homestudy a few weeks back., but that has been pushed off a few more weeks (for good reasons by our social worker). I know the agency is trying hard to advertise and network so I don't lay fault on them at all. I just need to get my butt in gear to maybe send out our profile to several contacts I have too. This means working on a new pictures profile set up. I am thinking of hiring a service to help us. (our agency owner does this). AND then sending out a "cover letter" if you will, to explain that we are wanting to adopt and maybe just maybe we will be blessed with an independent contact of a potential situation. Ahhhh, I will NEVER GIVE UP HOPE.

I babysat tonight for C & G and it was so nice to see their son D and daughter B. We had a great time coloring, chatting, playing Power Rangers and watching Shrek 2. Love that movie btw. Did I hear rumors that there is a Shrek 3 coming out?

C passed my name onto 3 or 4 other couples for babysitting jobs. YEAH. BUT I had to warn C that our camping season is fast approaching (2 weekends booked in April already) so if she emails me then I will email her my camping schedule so I can book other dates around there. She knows that the funds I make from babysitting are helping with the adoption fundraising so she is so kind to help pass out my contact. AND I LOVE BABYSITTING. These kiddos are so sweet to me and I really enjoy the constructive time plus it keeps me thinking that my motherly skills are being sharpened for when we become parents too. hehe

Oh, my tulips.. They are so beautiful, even if it is only 4 of them. I promise I will post pictures this weekend.

GO CARDINALS. I will try and post some pictures from the Cardinals game Sunday. FUN.

Prayers go out to my cousin that is ill with cancer. I hate CANCER. I FUC*ING HATE IT.

Ok, off to bed and then to the hospital in a few hours.

Cheers for a great weekend.