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Saturday, February 24, 2007

yummy kabobs..a kitty update... adoption process update

If you ever shop at Aldi, try their frozen Asia Specialties skewered Teriyaki chicken kabobs. OH MY they are yummy. My co-worker had them for lunch the other day so I went by Aldi on my way home and picked them up along with several other items. I heated them up in the oven today as instructed and ate some for lunch. OMG.. They are so good. These were perfect lunch/snack sized. They are small kabobs, but perfect for that appetizer you need to take to a party or have handy when you have guests come over and need something heated up in a few minutes(15 or so in the oven and 1/2 that time in the microwave).

Gizmo the kitty is doing much better after having started over a weeks worth of insulin shots. It was worth ever penny we spent on her to see her turn around in health. She is on 2 units of insulin in the AM and 2 in the PM. She is now also on hills w/d prescription diet food too... she seems to like it so far, but I have seen a decrease in her consumption in the last few days. I hope it is because she is balanced out on her insulin now that she does not have to eat so much and keep drinking water like she was.

Our home study renewal is in process. We have both booked our physicals for March 9th and 13th. Then our in home visit with the social worker is set for the evening of the 15th. I will say that I am in a less frantic state about preparing for the home study visit this time around than we were last March. I am much more relaxed, I think DH is too. We still can't believe it has been nearly a year having been active with our agency and home study ready, but we know the wait will well be worth every moment.

I talked to the agency owner the other day by email and all is well, we just hope that the activity of potential birthmothers picks up with the agency soon. We also contacted the agency in KS that we have our profile with and she said that the winter months have been slow, but keep our hopes up that we will be able to hear more soon.

Cheers to you all. I hope that this nasty cold wet weather clears up so we can all watch the season turn into Spring. A time for renewal of hope and activity to keep us all in happy moods.

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