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Saturday, March 17, 2007

baby mania sales .. I so can't wait

I went to edwardsville il today to the kids resell-it-sale and bought nothing. not realizing until I pasted it, edwardsville high school was having a babymania sale too so I quickly whipped a u-turn in the wendy's ( I miss wendy's in st. louis btw) and went back to the high school. I went in (2.00 admission) and asked the ladies at the font desk if they advertised this sale anywhere in st. louis and they said no. So I gave them my info to contact me to consider being a vendor next march. I only did that because I hope to have a baby in arms by then so I can go back and buy buy buy buy. WOW - the huge gymnasium and another room (maybe the cafeteria) were jammed packed with mothers selling their kids things. Sure, there were some that did not have very nice items, but triple fold over them were mothers selling nearly new and in some cases brand new items with tags on them still for very reasonable prices (*unlike the kids resell-it-sale who are higher priced and the line is too long of a wait as it is one sale/one check out*). Each mom had a table area about 9x9 feet and had clothes racks and or tables filled with items. I got there kind of late ( I think they only hold it from 8 - 11 am) so I quickly made my way through both rooms. I scored one john lennon blanket - looks new-, about 5 outfits that are gender neutral - because we don't know if it will be a boy or girl when we have a match with a birthmother eventually- and a pack of brand new (3) onsies (0-3 mos) for 50 cents. Oh and I got a brand new in package pair winnie the pooh socks that cost me 25 cents (the package was marked 4.99 from the store). I left out of there with a plastic grocery bag full of great buys for under 10.00. I can't wait to go back when we have a baby so I can buy gender specific clothes.

I asked a mom that had a table if they always hold this sale on the same weekend and she said for the most part yes! So mark your calendars for the 3rd weekend in march 2008. I will hopefully be contacted by the group that puts this on so I can get a specific date again next year. Now these types of sales are my favorite. I know, some may cringe at the idea of buying used clothes, but let me tell you I am picky. I don't buy tattered items. I will hunt in deep piles of clothes for the best looking and most durable clothes and bedding. My sister has taught me well. I love yard sales, yet I have walked away from yard sales because the people have their items too highly priced and stains all over their items. I learned at an early age it was ok to buy from yard sales as long as the items is not tattered and has a great lasting wear to them. Jeans are a hot buy(adult). Heck, my sil buys jeans at the resell it store an then goes to ebay and sells them for even more. LOL Some sellers don't know what they have, yet some do and just want to get it out of their house. That benefits so many, including myself and my family.

Thanks to those moms with a good bargain.

btw, I have my comments on moderation so I can see them by email during the day. I can't post here from work but I can read my email so don't be afraid to post, I promise I will approve your comment as soon as I get home. LOL

oh.. btw also.. our homestudy has been postponed. I will call the social worker in mid-April to set it up again for later April or early May. This is actually a good thing. It will give is more time once we are approved towards the next year. Make sense?

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