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Thursday, March 08, 2007

going going going..

14 lbs gone

I am 14 lbs down from the middle of November when I joined Weight Watchers. YEAH. It is a slow process, but rewarding at the same time. Just in time for SPRING.

Things for the adoption front are ok... I have my physical booked for tomorrow for our home study renewal. DH has his physical booked for Tuesday and then we have our in house home study renewal visit one week from tonight. Cleaning house already. I like the fact that we have to clean the house as we have been slacking on that, plus the doggies need baths. LOL.

Prayers and hugs for those that have recently had + news and those that have had hard negative news in relation to Trying to conceive and adopting. MAJOR HUGS for those with sad heartbreaking news.

I am ready for SPRING.. Bring it on.

oh, sorry I have not logged on in a while, but blogger changed their log in process to be related to signing into gmail now. ARRGGHHH. Finally got it all set so I can now log in and post. YEAH. I hate it when I am comfortable with things and the world desides to chang up things.

I have not babysat in ages and today I finally got a call to babysit again, but dang it already we are busy next tuesday night and wednesday night in prep for the home study so I can't babysit. I actually miss those kiddo's. I told their mommy to tell them I said hello. I hope we can catch up soon. Mommy C said they just have been watching the budget so they have not even had another babysitter fill in. I was also thankful because mommy C passed my name onto another couple for sitting. FUN. I know camping season is coming up so I hope I don't miss out on the fun dates to meet up and watch C's son and daughter.

Email me if you need a baby sitter in the local St. Louis City/S. County / West County area. I am infant cpr certified and have babysat since I was 15 and have good references if needed. I also will drive myself to your place so you won't have to pick me up and drive me home after a night out. LOL I know that is hard for some couples when they need a babysitter. I accept checks because I like to take that check and directly deposit into our adoption savings account. If you pay cash, I SPEND IT. Bahaha

Ok, off to sell our Cardinals opening day tickets for standing room only because we scored party box tickets. GO CARDINALS. Wouldn't that be sweet if the Cardinals can repeat?! St. Louis would sure be the buzz of MLB.

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Millie said...

Congrats on the weight loss. That's awesome!