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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rain in the summer time

well, it isn't summer, but rain indeed.. nice thunderstorm just rolled atop our house. I love this weather, but my bones don't like it. LOL We have had the heat off and the windows open for the last few days and oh it is so nice. Nice to air out the winter blah house, sleep well in the cool window breeze, enjoy the birds chirping when I let the dogs out at 4:45 am or so. Fun.

Speaking of 4:45 am... I hate that we have to lose 1 hour sleep with daylight savings, but I so love the longer daylight hours. It is dark when I get ready for work, but that will soon change as the days get longer.

Our first camping trip is coming up soon. Can't wait.

Off a 1/2 day tomorrow to keep cleaning the house. Well, the house is clean except for my future craft/sewing/scrapbooking/hobby room downstairs. I did say scrapbooking, didn't I? damnitalready, I swear I promised I would not get into it, but it is grasping me quickly. I need to go take a few classes at the local archivers and get some tips on what to do for pages, but my biggest hurdle is to PRINT PICTURES. I have not printed pictures on a regular basis for many months now, more like 2 years. YIKES> I guess that is why I am interested in diving head first into scrapbooking. I want to create these beautiful pages and have planned on working on a few in the next couple of weeks. The friend we camp with scrapbooks too so I will pick up some tips from her. I have near zero supplies, but I know I am frugal and will find great deals! Would you believe I find scrapbooking things at yard sales ? Yes indeed. That I look forward to.

ok, off to bed so I can be fresh for the home study tomorrow night with the social worker.

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Karaoke Diva said...

If you are going to start scrapbooking, start NOW before the baby comes. Otherwise you will end up years behind with no hope of catching up until the kid(s) is in college!

Or maybe that's just me. ;-)