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Monday, March 12, 2007

DuuDuuusstt... aahhhhchoooooo

We are in full mode for cleaning out the dust from our house. It has only been 2 weeks (cleaned 2 monday nights ago, fully dusted and swept) and let me tell you we are being taken over by the dust bunnies. I know the doggies are shedding like crazy so it is even worse. I wish I could hire a cleaning lady to just come dust ever 2 weeks. LOL BUT I reserve those funds for our future adoption.

No, no calls yet from the agency. BUT holding onto hope that the calls start coming in soon. This time last year a few calls came in so we were excited to think that can happen again!

The social worker will be here Thursday at 6 pm. I can honestly say I am 3/4 as nervouse as I was from last year. OMG .. the support group friends warned me we would not have to clean like mad people for our home study last year, but we did and I know now that we over did it. This home study renewal?, nah,,,,, nope... I won't wear myself out like a mad dog. I know we clean every few weeks top to bottom for a reason and it is time to do it again so this time around I feel it is a routine cleaning yet for a good purpose.

Ok, off to bathe the doggies. Then clean the fish tank that only has one resident in it now. Bah.

GOTTA LOVE THIS WEATHER. I LOVE SPRING, wait.. the only thing I hate about Spring is that we lost an hour on our sleep(which this insomniac so misses ever minute I lose).

BTW, Note the change in the funds on our 2500.00 goal. I managed to sell another few hundred dollars of my ebay items. YEAH! We will be paying Cash earned for our homestudy renewal this time around of $350.00. We spent 10.00 total on the Crimal background check this time around too and 40.00 on co-pays for the doc visits. I think that is it for fees for this renewal. Let me think on that one.

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