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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

f*cking lawyers for Traffic tickets.

A failure to appear in court notice arrived in my home mail today. Well. I paid a Lawyers firm that specializes in traffic tickets to take care of this for me and what luck do I have? They failed to appear in court for me. ASSHOLES!

So now I have been given the warning from the City Of Rock Hill MO that if I don't appear in court on the 12th of December or pay the fines by 30 days from 10/24/05 (hello, those dates don't make sense!) then I will have a suspended drivers license and a warrant out for my arrest. Bahahahaha

Well, I will sure call that lawyers office tomorrow and CHEW THEM A NEW ASSHOLE. I can't take the point on my license. I can't take the raise in my car insurance premiums or else I would just pay the stupid fine. UGH. '

BTW, that Cop that pulled me over was a total DICK

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