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Friday, November 04, 2005

yesterday.... up.... today ... down..... tonight.... better but not there yet

I was on my way to work today when I started a crying jag.... dang radio host was talking about caring listeners that adopt soldiers across seas.

Then I got to work and I was alone.. no co-worker to do her job so I had to do it. FUN not... just busy. Then I felt as though I had lost all hope in this cycle. Don't know what hit me, but man it was hard to hold back the tears at my desk.

Then around 3 pm I felt really bloated in the belly.. bloating for some reason made me feel better.. meaning my ovaries are obviously still swollen and that means my body is still in action to get these babies to implant.

Tonight is even better.. being online is therapy I swear to you.

Tomorrow? Well mom and I are going to a local craft fair to give her ideas of what she can put in her craft sale in a few weeks. She is good.. she sews and makes lots of stuff and has that fancy embroidery machine to use .. Fun. I hope to help her. Or maybe not if I am on bedrest from being pregnant. LOL

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