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Saturday, November 05, 2005

totally out of my hands

I know, I can't do anything to make this cycle go any better. It is by far the best one yet (unless I don't have any embies to freeze, we will find out soon), but I told myself today that it is all totally out of my hands now. I am doing my shots of PIO and suppositories as directed. Shots of Heparin, which btw leave a nice pretty blue, black, yellow, blue pattern on my belly, my vitamins are taken, etc... I am given it my all. I have to pat myself on the back and DH's back too for having done the best possible job. Now the insanity of waiting continues.

You know in life when we want something so bad, but the view of the thing we want keeps moving further and further (is that the right way to say it?)away as we try and reach out and grasp the thing we so desire, that is how I feel. I sure hope I am able to grasp this BFP of the cycle on Thursday when I find out the results of this cycle. I want to take that + HPT and have it ready for DH when he walks in the door THursday night from his business trip. I am reaching hard for that HPT Thursday morning when I wake up and I hope to god it is that "something" I am so reaching for that is a positive result.

I hope, I wish, I pray, I toss and turn in bed until Thursday AM.

Ok, back to pogo and play some games to keep my mind busy.

Oh, I did some retial therapy shopping today. I finally bought a new pair of tennis shoes. I swear they are so over priced. New Balance is the brand. I went from Nike to New Balance to Nike and now back to New Balance. I hat that they are so expensive, but I do say they are pretty. Now to keep them white! Hahahahaha

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