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Monday, October 31, 2005

3 is a good and lucky number

3 embies that is now residing in my 5 star condo....hehe

We had our hearts set on only putting back 2 embies, but after a good 10 minute discussion with Dr. A..... we went ahead and put back 3 health grade a 8 celled embies. Why you ask? Well when we did our last fresh IVF cycle in August last year with Dr. p... we put back 2 grade A 8 celled embies and did not get pg so we took Dr. A's advice and went with 3. I feel comfortable with that decision. I will hold onto hope that we will get one of those 3 to implant.

I have several others growing in the lab and should get a letter in the next few days on the idea if they were able to freeze a few or not. I am nervous, but am putting my hope in the hands of the 2 embryologists at Dr. A's office. Today we had the female embryologist hand over our catheter with the 3 beautiful embies to transfer. I think her name is jennifer. LOL.

I rested well after the transfer in the office and then came home to sleep for a good 3 hours after that. I am now on "Couch Potato" rest per Dr. A's instructions for 24 hours to come. LOL

Drinking lots of water. but for some reason, I can't get my hand out of the candy jar that DH is using to hand out candy to the wet and soggy trick-or-treaters. LOL Yup. they are out there.

Happy Halloween to my embies inside me and cheers to those in the lab trying hard to grow strong to be frozen.
I am off work tomorrow and will then go back to work Wed.

Next acupuncture appointment is tomorrow.

oh.. btw... we had to have my bladder tapped 2 times during this transfer. What a strange feeling.


Tempe said...

Best of luck to you! You know, even though they say they don't give beta results until the second drawing, if you call and ask they will. Just a little thought for will you are going through the 2ww.
Snuggle in embie!

Mae Midwest said...

What is a bladder tapping?

tubelessstl said...

Thanks Tempe and Mae.... I will say that a bladder tapping is where they insert a catheter in the urethra opening and let it drain a little.

Tempe, hehe.. I can wait to do an HPT the day of beta 2. lol I hope I can hold out, if not.. thanks for the tip to call early. hehehe.

Cheers to all the possible digging in of these 3 great embies.

averyjenn said...

Welcome home embies!!! I'd say the embryologist's name was a SIGN!! I was sending good vibes to you all day, did you feel them? Or was that just the bladder tapping? LOL. Good luck girl!

tubelessstl said...

averyjenn.... lol .. I really felt the bladder tapping. Strange, but welcomed relief when you have to lay there for about an hour after the transfer. LOL

I actually have an US picture of the embies b4 they were transferred and then another us picture from the RE at the time of transfer showing the fluid in the uterus and 3 bright dots in the fluid.. My EMBIES> Pretty cool picture.

Tempe said...

I still have the picture on our fridge of the embie transfer that got us Becca. Both times I have cycled through this office I have drunk too much water ahead of time. Catheter before and after. It was somewhat funny/embarring for the nurse to be chatting to me for a while, go to check, and say, oh wow! it's still going!