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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

hpt's are bought..... but I am too chicken

I swear one moment this body tells me that I am SO NOT pregnant and then I feel something a few minutes later and it gives hope. I sure hope stays true.

I have the evil pee sticks sitting in my w*lgreens bag here on my table. I am too chicken to do one tonight plus I hate to try and test early. Today is only 8 days post transfer so that is still early. If I am too chicken in the AM on Wednesday, I will then only test Thursday AM before my 2nd and all telling beta. I hate the wait.

I am anxious to have answers.

No matter what happens.. I am going to tell DH that we are going to pursue the paperwork from several adoption agencies in the next 3 months to get them to review and figure out who we will send an application in for. I will adopt no matter what happens.

Oh, BTW, I still don't know if we have any frozen embies. No letter in the mail today. ARRGGHHH. At my first beta draw today, I asked the nurse this AM to see if she could give me a freezing report or lack of and she said the lab only handles that and she has nothing in my files to tell me if we did get to freeze any embie or not. BULLSHIT.. I can't stand it. I know they know and what the hell is so hard about them tell us by MOUTH and not SNAIL FREAKIN' MAIL. My gosh.. I run the risk of the USPS loosing my report. I swear they better send it tomorrow or Thursday. Great... If it comes Thursday and I get a negative beta and I also am told we have none to freeze, I am going to go POSTAL on the Docs office.

Bloody nose... Thanks to Heparin for this IVF cycle. Hey,I don't mind if it means possible implantation.

Good things today... I got my new cell phone. YEAH. The other had a broken antenna and would not get good reception and had funky ring tones on it. I downloaded a song from Cingulars web rings and it was totally not what I had ordered. I might call them up and ask for a credit. I am happy about the new phone though. Ok, time to go download a good song for the new ring tone. LOL wish me luck.

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