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Saturday, November 26, 2005

I wish I did not have to

decorate for Christmas that is. I love the decorations, but I hate putting them up. DH did it all last year because I was working 2 jobs. This year, I am only working the day job. So I am obligated to help out. Yes, bahumbug. I would rather sit and enjoy an already decorated house> Oh well.

One good thing is that we are not hosting Christmas this year so we are not decorating the downstairs family room. One less tree and decor to put up.

Today is nice outside so we should get out and put up the lights outside too, but I am with child so I AM NOT climbing the 16 foot ladder to put the lights up on the porch roof and along side the gutters on the west side of the house. NOPE. DH has to do this. If he does not do them today then he runs into a chance of rain tomorrow. Not one year has gone by in the 11 we have been here that we have not decorated the outside so he must do this. LOL

Ok, now the fun part after the decorating in the house, KEEP THE 11 month old LAB mix PUPPY out of the tree!

With decorating, this means we clean the house too. Double yuck. but it so needs it.

Ok, this is going to be a fun (right?!) Saturday getting into the SPIRIT of Christmas. DH was even playing some music from the '80's in the form of holiday music.

Speaking of holiday music, what is your favorite from growing up? I lived with my parents listening to Johnny Mathis or Willie Nelson and Elvis singing Holiday songs. My favorite is Johnny Mathis and DH bought me his holiday cd last year. hehe.

Off to glitter in the glow of my tree lights. BTW, after we put the lights on the tree last night, yes we did check the lights before we put them on, 1/2 of one strand was out and we could not get it to work. So I had to find some smaller starnds and fill in the voids. LOL I wish I could find a tree to buy that is already lit with color lights. Only trees I find that are already lit are all white lights. Hmmm, if you know of a place I can buy one with color lights already installed on it, let me know.


Bekki said...

The saleslady at Wally World told me that all their trees are available in white or color. We bought one with white this year and oh my goodness...soo much easier.
Have fun keeping the puppy out!!

Tempe said...


there are others as well

My favorite christmas music growing up was the Nat King Cole christmas album and the Robert Shaw Chorale.