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Sunday, November 06, 2005

oh yeah.... I miss him already

DH is on his plane heading to Denver CO. He is going to a conference / seminar until Thursday afternoon. I am left on my own with 3 vicious doggies and an attack kitty to guard me. I do mean that. My Pit Bull is on edge lately and I have to keep an eye on my front door when the mailman arrives or else she will tear him a new one. LOL

Ok... I do my own heparin shots in the belly and that is fine. Let me tell you the belly is a pretty array of colors .. kinda like a dark blue/black bouquet of flower colors in bursts across my abdomen. I should take a picture. BUT I will spare you.

NOW tonight was the first PIO shot by myself.. I got it ready.. iced my hip right up... and went to the bathroom and looking into the mirror to give myself the shot..( I swear to you icing makes a difference). BUT BUT BUT... I did the hesitation thing like 5 times before I was able to plunge the needle in my hip. LOL I finally did it and then I could not get my hand positioned around the syringe to push the plunger. Now mind you I am a Plump girl... I have a hard time reaching around to the back side of my hip with both hands. I had to sit there for a split second with no hands on the syringe and I saw it hanging there in the skin. YIKES. BUT I quickly looked in the mirror and grabbed it rigth that sides hand and started pushing the plunger in. I was so numb from the ice that I felt no pain... Done. I pulled it out and was pleased, but man I had a bleeder. Quickly I had my pad of tissue and immediately pressed on the site to make it stop bleeding and rubbed to make sure the oil disapated into the muscle. Now about 40 minutes later I can feel the site and am sitting with a heating pad on. LOL Life is funny, the things we IF women go through.

Ok, so tonight is 4 winks away from the big beta date. I am nervous. I thought I felt some twinges or aches today in the ute area so I took at as a good sign. I am acutally glad to go back to work tomorrow so I can keep my brain busy and not focus every second of every hour on this issue of "Did it work or did it not?".

I sit here listening to my vicious youngest puppy of 11 months old snoring up a storm. LOL She is so big now and matches the size of my nearly 3 year old yellow lab mix.

Puppies.... gotta love them.

Thankful for my blessings in my life. I love my husband!

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