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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sleep... oh devine sleep but bad glucose

a nap here and there makes the world go round.

My body is so newly pregnant that I never imagined that it would require so much sleep yet, but it is. I took a good nap this afternoon and feel like a million bucks now. Well, except for the burping. LOL

I am sitting here smelling DH cooking chicken for dinner and it smells yummy. Fill up this tummy and I will be even happier.

Now comes the fun part of all of this. I am type II diabetic. controlled by diet along, no medications needed so far. I am now on close glucose monitoring this weekend and must fax over my glucose sheet to the PERI's office ASAP on Monday. Yes, that is right, I called the Perinatologists office on Friday to book a 10 week appointment with the nurse and 20 minutes later the DOC herself called me back. #1 concern was getting me off Heparin ASAP. So I have to call the RE and discuss this with him. (I will talk about the need for heparin later) #2 concern was my glucose levels. So I am on LITTLE to NO SODA now. and I am going to make a huge pitcher of TEA and drink it was one packet of splenda per tall glass at the PERI's approval.

I took my glucose 4 times yesterday. First was when I got to work on a fasting overnight. It was 158 YIKES> I ate a huge dinner with french fries the night b4 and did that make a difference LOL. Second was an hour after Eggs and ham for breakfast. My # was 105. GOOD! then one hour after Lunch = 153. YIKES again. I ate a can of campbell's chicken noodle soup due to upset tummy and it caused me to have high sugar levels. So no more of that soup. Then after dinner I got a reading of 151. Well that was after eating Chinese rice and egg rolls. So we know I can't afford to eat Chinese anymore. Bahahahahaha

So my #'s they want to see? fasting AM should be between 85-100, 1 hour after a meal no higher than 140(ugh). These will be hard to do, but I can do it. I CAN FOR A GOOD REASON... To keep this baby growing in me. No better reason, right?

So now I need to become a better 3 meal a day eater. I tend to only do 2 meals on the weekends and that is going to kill my sugar levels.

So, now I have to go make a big pitcher of tea. See you all later.

down and out of SODA. LOL


Tempe said...

Are the the normal ranges for your blood sugars? Because the placenta messes blood sugar up big time. An the pregnancy progresses, it gets worse and harder to control. You may end up with medication. I had Gestational Diabetes both times. The first time, towards the end I was getting high numbers off of a small peanut butter jelly sandwich on wheat bread with sugar-free jelly. Everytime I called the nurse about high numbers, she told me not to eat whatever it was anymore. I ended up eating the same meal at least two times a day for the last month.

Good luck!

KD said...

We are on pins and nedles here, missy! You must update more often! :-)