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Sunday, March 27, 2005

well let me tell you about my experience in injecting DH...... haha

Yeeehaawwww. I finally got revenge... Sweet revenge. OMG... I enjoyed it so much and I actually made him get mad at me..

Ok to start out with, DH was diagnosed with low testosterone..... thus he was given a protocol of needing to take 20 amps of bravelle and 20,000 units of HCG over a 30 day period. SOOOO, we got his meds now and I got out the needles and mixed them for him. I told him he can inject himself and he said no, I want you to do it... GLADLY I said under my breath knowing that I would seek revenge for all those danged PIO shots he gives me in our IVF cycles. OH THE JOY... The self seeking pleasure of me finally getting to inject DH.

I grabbed the mixed syringes and alcohol pad, gave him a wipe to steralize the belly, let it dry (yes I was nice enough to let it dry b4 injecting so it would not sting so much, haha) and then injected the HCG first. It was easy going in.. Now mind you he also skirted off pretty well since they let him take these injections SubQ instead of IM like the HCG is that you and I take. ... That HCG went in very easy. I pulled out the needle and OMGosh, WE HAD A BLEEDER.. Bahahahahahaha..... The look on his face was precious. It was of utter shock and disbelief that I did this to him (ok, only my one pay back of a BLEEDER to his 20 or so he has given me!) . So I gave him a towel to cover it while I readied his other side of the belly for the Bravelle shot. Wiped it with the sterile wipe... .let it dry and OMG the skin was so tough.. but I stuck it in anyway.. He said "OUCH" I said "OOPS" and giggled. OMG... This is me, innocent little bec that got to giggle from his pain? OMG... I am still LOL over this.

Girls... that was a bleeder also.. Poor guy was sitting there with both sides of his belly covered in paper towels to stop the bleeding. well the bleeding only lasted a few mintues each and really was not all that dramatic... but it was funny to have this all played out in a reverse roll after 5 years of shots being given to ME!

My Joy for Easter Sunday.

giggle giggle.

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