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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Concerts... which do you save up for?

There are only 2 concerts I care to see anymore....

#2 on my list is PRINCE

#1 on my list is U2

#2 on the list... If you grew up in the 80s as a teen and followed prince's music from the late 70's too then you are a true fan! Sure, he had had his ups and downs with his music and "PR" during the late 80s and early 90's but let me tell you he has a FUNK root that just beats in my soul that is very rich and true to his music. That man can play nearly 27 different instruments, he write, records, produces, acts, sings, manages... what else can you expect of him? Another thing that touches me about him is that he and his wife lost a child after birth. It relates to DH and I in our stuggles to become parents too. I have also been to 5 of his concerts and every time they get better and better. Heck, I went by myself this last Musicology tour because I wanted to see him and let me tell you I think that was one of THE best if not THE BEST concerts I have seen in my concert going years of any genre of music.

#1 on the list.... What can I say... U2. They rock and are being induction into the Rock -n- Roll hall of Fame this weekend!!!!!! I leaned of U2 when they were on their 2nd album... then I became ingrossed in their music and have not stopped since. Sure they also have their not so good and then some of the best songs out there, but I like that they take risks and really produce what they want to at that time in their careers.

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