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Friday, March 04, 2005

ready...set... go

I have lift off... a new start to a new IVF cycle.... I see a new Reproductive Doc tomorrow at 10:40 am for my first US and blood work to prep for our INCIID cycle.

I am nervous and excited.

I then get to go visit my OB/Gyn for my annual. Oh fun. I like my OB/gyn so the visit will be well worth it. He has been there for me since the day I landed in the ER with my first ectopic pgcy back in 7/99.

I am anxious to find out what our cycle dates will be and what our full protocol will be. I have to put money down for our MET... mock embryo transfer .... also DH did his MANLY duties this past week and we await his test results on the SA and blood work too. that was 375.00 for his tests. Cha Ching. See, there are some costs involved with this cycle from INCIID the Heart, but we wil see how much it will add up to be. I am thinking about 2000.00 maybe a few more dollars than that. BUT HEY.. for a 10,000 dollar cycle and plus meds of 3-4000, I am not complaining at all!

I wanted to send my prayers out to Grandma Albert/Doty.. she is ill and almost did not make it this past weekend. Bless her and her heart.

I will post more tomorrow.

let the whirlwind begin.

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